Join the Virtual Picket Line

Boilermakers Local 146 members have been going without paychecks and benefits for one year —since June 28, 2020. That’s when CESSCO Fabrication & Engineering Ltd. locked workers out of their jobs.

Boilermakers Local 146 members had been bargaining with the company for over 2.5 years, and CESSCO wanted them to accept a contract that would gut wages, pension contributions and protective seniority language. Rather than continue negotiating, CESSCO locked the workers out.

The workers just want to go back to work. They want to continue negotiating while they keep doing the quality work they’ve done for years for CESSCO.

Let’s make our voices heard loud and clear. Show CESSCO and Canerector Inc management that the entire community stands with 146 until the workers are rejoined at the bargaining table.

DISCLAIMER: The virtual picket line is for educational purposes, to publicize this matter to the general public, and to demonstrate union solidarity. It is designed to inform the general public, politicians and customers of the ongoing labor issues at CESSCO. We are not asking anyone to withhold labor or boycott CESSCO at this time.

Join our virtual picket line. Here’s how:


Print out one of these signs

Or make your own, using your union colors and logo!


Take a picture or selfie with your sign

Use a solid background if possible to make it easier to crop around your image


Send us your image

Thank you for joining the virtual picket line!

If you have questions about the Boilermakers union, Local 146 or what’s happening at CESSCO in Edmonton, Alberta, please contact us:

Rick Vanderveen
Boilermakers International Rep

Casey Worden
Organizer, Local 146


We want to Work!  Do the right thing, CESSCO.  END THE LOCKOUT.
International Brotherhood of Boilermakers